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Layflat Books

Designed to pioneer a new chapter in printing, our unique and innovative binding method, K-Bind® ensures uninterrupted printing across pages, elevating your client’s favourite images.



This unique innovation not only enhances visual appeal but also delivers unmatched durability, creating a final product that leaves a lasting impression – making it the perfect choice for visually impactful print jobs, allowing images to be showcased in their full panoramic glory.

Choose between a hardcover option featuring 2500mic greyboard wrapped in 150gsm silk, complemented by your preferred lamination, or opt for a soft cover with a slightly heavier stock than your inner pages.

Don’t forget you can enhance your client’s book with options like foiling or Spot UV for an extra touch of luxury.

Contact us today for a quote or to discover more information about our Layflat book options.


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